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We Help You Provide The SSA With Evidence To Prove Your Disability

It’s a telling fact that while many of the initial applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied, many cases that are appealed are eventually approved for benefits by an administrative law judge (ALJ).

Why? Because the medical records are more complete by the time of the ALJ hearing and the person making the decision gets to meet you face to face. This shows the importance of revealing as much medical information as possible early in the application process.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays a great deal of attention to your doctors’ treatment records. Your chances for success will increase if you see your doctor regularly and report all your symptoms at each visit.

At the Law Offices of Sharon J. Meyers in Kansas City, Missouri, our experienced team will assemble the necessary medical records that will support your case. You do not have to track down records or reports yourself. This includes communicating with your treating physicians to ensure that the most pertinent information necessary for you to win your case is included in the reports that will be filed with your appeal.

Good Documentation Of Any Physical Or Mental Impairment Is Key

The most important advice for claimants is to provide as much information to their doctor as possible about chronic physical problems and impairments, as well as any mental health issues. Too often, patients withhold information from their doctors that can help win their case. Either they feel it is not important or they try to “tough out” nagging pain or debilitating depression.

You may be asked to see an independent physician who is hired to conduct a consultative examination. This doctor may not be a strong advocate for you, but it is important to cooperate with this request. Rest assured that Social Security is required to give more substantial weight to the opinion of your treating physician.

It’s to your benefit to mention all the various impairments that you have because the SSA will consider the totality of your limitations. In other words, you may have back problems, depression and have age and vocational factors that make it improbable for you to engage in substantial gainful work activity.

Put An Experienced Kansas City Disability Attorney On Your Side

We can answer your questions and explain more about how we can assist you in proving your disability case during a free consultation. Call a lawyer at 816-787-0942 or email us to schedule an appointment.