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Our Services Can Help You Get The SSDI/SSI Benefits You Need

The experienced disability lawyers at the Law Offices of Sharon J. Meyers in Kansas City, Missouri, take a team approach to helping people who are struggling with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. We understand the urgency of our clients’ situations and work to reach a resolution as efficiently as possible.

Since 1984, this firm has been committed to helping disabled workers develop the strongest possible case to establish disability.

Here Are The Ways Our Disability Attorneys Can Assist You

Your appeal begins with a call to our office to allow us to assess your case. We can review the facts and answer your questions regarding a number of topics, including:

With Us On Your Case, You Don’t Have To Give Up On Your Claim

Many people do not appeal their claims because they are worn down by the system and become discouraged. We take on the burden of collecting doctors’ records, submitting forms and preparing your appeal so you can focus on your health. We know how to obtain the information necessary to win disability claims.

We cannot promise you we will win, but we do promise to make every effort as we work together to get the benefits you have earned. Call 816-787-0942 or email us to schedule an appointment.