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Social Security Releases New Rules On Evaluating Diabetes

By Sharon J. Meyers of Law Offices of Sharon J. Meyers posted in Social Security on Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

On June 2, 2014, Social Security released a new ruling, SSR 14-2p, detailing how the agency will review disability cases for claimants who suffer from diabetes. In April 2011, Social Security removed diabetes from the Listing of Impairments because they believed the listing no longer accurately identified people who were disabled. The removal of diabetes from the adult listing did not mean, however, that a claimant could not be found disabled due to this condition. Social Security’s new ruling helps clarify the symptoms and the secondary conditions they are looking for that demonstrates that a claimant is unable to work full-time because of diabetes.

Specifically, Social Security will evaluate not only the symptoms directly related to the diabetes itself, but it will also look at the symptoms related to secondary conditions that have developed as a result of the diabetes. For example, diabetic neuropathy will be reviewed under the neurological listing and diabetic retinopathy will be reviewed under the special senses listing.

As is all Social Security disability cases, medical evidence documenting all of the diagnoses and symptoms of the claimant is critical. Make sure that you are discussing with your doctor all of the problems you are having controlling and living with your diabetes. If you or someone you know has diabetes mellitus and might benefit from talking to an attorney, please contact the Law Office of Sharon J. Meyers.